Your online identity is part of who you are.
Protecting it must be a priority.
With Sedicii your personal information is never revealed.
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Secure authentication is vital, but it must also be convenient.
Don't fall victim to identity theft!
Sedicii puts you in total control. With Sedicii it is easy to be safe.
With Sedicii your personal information never leaves your browser. Never sent. Never stored. Anywhere. Ever.
Sedicii authentication works with all forms of user credentials.
Hand / Fingerprint
ASCII via Keyboard
Smartphone / Tablet
Credit/ Debit Card
Face / Retina Scan
Hardware Token

Sedicii Authentication
If you are interested in learning more about Sedicii’s implementation of Zero Knowledge Proof authentication for regular or single sign on authentication please send us an email.
Sedicii Identity Exchange
Trust Providers
If your organisation holds trusted identity data on your customers and you would like to monetise it without exposing it outside your organisation, please get in touch. We are looking for partners who are willing to provide trust attestations. If you would like to learn more please send us an email.
Sedicii Identity Exchange
If your organisation operates online, you need to know that the people signing up to your service are who they claim to be. Are they over 18? Do they live where they claim to live? Is their name really what they claim it is? Do they own the credit card they claim is theirs? If you have concerns like these then you need Sedicii. If you would like to learn more, please send us an email.
To access the demo you will need to download the Sedicii Demo Android App from the Play Store
and request a demo guide.
Demo - please refer to the Sedicii demo guide for instructions
The demo guide will show you how to do the following using Sedicii's Unity authentication service where your credential is never exposed.
- Authenticating to a network or website
- Authenticating via a phone call inbound to a contact centre
- Authenticating from a contact centre outbound to a customer using a trusted third party model
- Omnichannel authentication from a Twitter account to a phone call
- Payment card authorisation for Card Not Present transactions
- Check out our demo at Finovate Europe 2015 on Page 2
Check out our demo at Finovate Europe 2015
December 2014 Winner EY Startup Challenge London
December 2014 Finalist Accenture Ireland Fintech Innovation Lab
November 2014 Winner Matchi Fintech Challenge(South Africa) - Best Security & Fraud Reduction Product
November 2014 Semi-finalist Pitch @ Dublin Web Summit ( final 14 out of >1,500)
November 2014 Winner European Commission IPACSO Award 2014 - Best Privacy Company
October 2014 Winner Ulster Bank Business Achievers Award - Best Regional Startup
October 2014 Winner Irish Times / ITLG Silicon Valley Innovation of the Year 2014
September 2014 Winner R & D Collaboration of the Year 2014 - IP Awards Ireland
September 2014 Winner Technology Transfer of the Year 2014 - IP Awards Ireland
September 2014 Semi-finalist ESB Spark of Genius 2014
August 2014 Finalist Next Bank Europe Barcelona
August 2014 Finalist in 3 categories Irish Intellectual Property Awards
July 2014 Finalist Irish Net Visionary Awards in the "Rising Star" category
July 2014 Semi-finalist Cisco Internet of Things Global Challenge
July 2014 Approved for €50K H2020 grant support from European Commission
May 2014 Finalist SV Forum World Cup of Tech in Silicon Valley
May 2014 Finalist at Techcrunch Disrupt New York City
April 2014 Winner of BT Infinity Lab London UK
March 2014 Semi-finalist for 2014 Swift Innotribe Fintech startup competition
March 2014 Tech Tour Europe Top 20 DigiTech showcase London
February 2014 Shortlisted for Google's "Be First to the Future" video showcasing innovative businesses
January 2014 Winner of Demovation contest to present at Bank Innovation Conference in Seattle
January 2014 Selected as finalist in Irish Technology Leadership Group to pitch at Grand Final in Silicon Valley
November 2013 Selected as finalist in Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab in London
October 2013 Selected for START pitch competition at Dublin Web Summit (100 companies  from 1,300 total)
October 2013 Selected as finalist in ESB Spark of Genius Award Ireland
September 2013 Selected for Oxygen Accelerator, London as 1 of  8 companies out of over 300 applicants
September 2013 Invited to attend  Connect program in Silicon Valley
April 2013 European finalist for Swift Innotribe
April 2012 Applied for and received a grant of $150,000 from the Irish government to commercialise the Sedicii technology inside an Irish University
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