"Sedicii's technology enables you to protect your customer's digital identity by ensuring that it is never shared without their express consent"
The Kriptan Identity Network

Sedicii has built a solution that enables a citizen to verify one or several aspects of their identity against one or several identity providers ( IdPs). IdPs can be either authoritative or corroborative.

KYC – customer on-boarding for businesses and individuals

Sedicii has developed a solution, KYCexpert, which enables organisations to onboard corporate and individual clients in a simple, easy to use cloud based solution.

PREXA - Financial Crime Prevention (Anti-Money Laundering)

Current estimates put the volume of illicit, criminally originated money being laundered in the global financial system at $2.8T. Currently only 1% of this is identified and intercepted.

ZKP Authentication

The Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) authentication protocol is used in cryptography systems to allow a party to prove that he/she knows something (i.e. a credential), without having to transmit this credential. There are two parties involved in ZKP; the prover A and the verifier B. ZKP allows a prover A to show that they have the credential (for example, passport details or a password), without having to give B the exact details of the credential.


Sedicii has won multiple industry awards for its Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, most notably its recognition from The World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer